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  • What We Do


    Building Innovation

    MyCore is a turnkey solution for building performance improvements. We develop projects for real estate portfolios that dramatically save energy, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and significantly improve overall building infrastructure and property value.

    About Us
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    Learn about MyCore and the work we do.

  • Building Performance


    High Performance HVAC

    According The U. S. Department of Energy, approximately 50% of all energy consumed in the United States is used to heat, cool, ventilate, and provide artificial light in homes and buildings. To put that in perspective, that’s twice as much as we use in our cars, buses, trucks, trains and aircraft, combined. Fortunately, there is a new solution. It’s called the Regenerative Dual Duct System® (RGDD System)

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    It's time to re-think HVAC. High performance, low cost energy is here!

  • Energy Management


    We Measure & Manage

    With sustainability of your building and your business at heart, MyCore is focused on the long-term health of your facility and your checkbook. Our energy management service suite provides the information needed to truly take control of your energy and the guidance to significantly improve the performance of your facility.

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    There are many things to manage in a building, let us take energy off your hands.

  • Latest News


    It’s Greener to Retrofit than Build New, Report Finds(1/7)

    energy-stack-600 Published on August 13th, 2012, by admin

    We here at MyCore are operate in full belief of this statement, so when reading this news story, one thought comes to mind: “DUH!” However,...

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    Catch up on the latest news of ours and throughout the energy industry...

  • HVAC for Swimming Pools


    The Superior Solution

    Many indoor pools are outfitted with a pool dehumidifier system. Recent results have shown that the IDECVAV pool system outperforms in every way:

    - Superior Air Quality
    - Less Complex and More Durable.
    - Saves Costs and Energy
    - Greener Product
    - Most importantly, It's Affordable!

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    Swimming pools now have a new way to ventilate, with fresh air, less-chlorine smell, and substantial energy savings.

  • Improve Your NOI


    Energy's Bottom Line

    Our solutions are focused on reducing operating costs of a business by incorporating sustainable methods and technologies. With so many choices and decisions to make regarding your business – it’s hard to know where to begin.

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    With struggling demand in the real estate market, there are not many better ways to improve your NOI.